Features of Kahoot Detailed Review

Learning has always been fun and it only got better when we incorporated it with the technology. An example of that is Kahoot which is a game-based learning platform used in schools and colleges to teach and take quizzes. In this article, we will be discussing all the old, new, and updates features of Kahoot to give you a better insight into the product.

The blog will discuss both the premium and free Kahoot features which you can utilize as a teacher or student. The learning opportunities with this platform are getting better and these new Kahoot features are proof of that.

Being someone new, don’t forget to check our guide on how to create an account on Kahoot and how to create a Kahoot quiz. So without any further delay, let us do a detailed review of the Kahoot Features in 2019 and 2020.

Features of Kahoot Review

This review of the Kahoot features discusses everything in detail. The top new and advanced features you need to know about are:

Main Features:          

  • File Sharing
  • Gamification
  • White-Labeling
  • Content Library
  • Grading

Let us now go into the details of these features of the app.


The transfer of knowledge and ideas has been made easier by the platform. Whether you run a business or a public school, this new Kahoot file-sharing feature allows the boss or teachers to transfer knowledgeable content to their colleagues and students with ease.

While working on Kahoot, you will not require any other external platform for sharing the files and data. Also, it allows the necessary encryption which is unlocked by the password which the person sharing the files sets and gives it to the other person.


It is quite obvious that Kahoot gained all the recognition since it is a game-based learning platform that made the transfer of knowledge and ideas much more fun. Also, the competitive nature of the app created a wave that helped and motivated the students to learn more so they can score better.

Now, the new Kahoot version contains better competitive features such as the online leaderboards and point-scoring methods that are more engaging than ever. Plus, the new update allows you to play from home as well and this could be more fun.


Kahoot is also a fun place for content creators who like to keep themselves engaged in producing different types of content for learning. With the white-labeling feature, they can now label their work on the platform and form their brand. This is an opportunity a wiser person would use to turn into great riches.

Content Library:

When you are on Kahoot, you’re here to learn. The huge content library of the platform allows you to access the already available content and use it for learning. Since people from all fields of learning such as engineering, medical sciences, and literature engage here, you will find the content of your interest with ease.

Also, when you are looking forward to doing one of your college projects and might be running low on content, Kahoot is a great place to search for it. You can search by category or simply by typing the title.

The Grading System:

Being a teacher, it is always difficult to grade students with confidence, especially when you are dealing with a bunch of talented ones. There is where the technology could be useful where you can take quizzes and exams on Kahoot and depending on how fast and correctly the students will answer, it will assign scores and grades.

A Review of Online Features of Kahoot

  1. Kahoot Cloud
  2. Kahoot Mobility/Mobile
  3. Reporting
  4. Analytics Dashboard
  5. Visualization

We should also be discussing these features in detail as well:

Kahoot Cloud and Mobile:

It is the age of the Cloud. It doesn’t matter which product you are using, you need to upload and protect your online data at a place where you can access it with ease without worrying about it being compromised. With the introduction of Kahoot Cloud, the users will now be able to save everything of importance in their accounts.

Also, with Kahoot Mobile, you can now access it from anywhere you want. The Kahoot mobility is a better feature for college students you can now do their learning and take quizzes in their class on their phone instead of carrying those heavy computers around.

To join a Kahoot session from your phone, here are a few steps guiding you towards that:

  • Go to the ‘App Store’ to download Kahoot or download the free Kahoot APK
  • Install the app directly or using the Kahoot APK and external installation permissions
  • Once you have installed the app, you can now create a free Kahoot main or guest account
  • If you need to join a quiz at the moment, simply copy and paste the ‘Game Pin’ over here

This is simply how you gain access to Kahoot mobile and make the experience better than ever.


This online Kahoot feature allows teachers to assess the performance of the students based on the quizzes they have taken over any time period. They can also create data sets based on grades and other factors.

Analytics Dashboard and Reporting:

The Analytics Dashboard is available for teachers who need to manage lots of users such as their students in colleges and schools. This dashboard allows for better interaction with all the data available. Also, to manage and publish results of the test you have taken, the new reporting features are quire mesmerizing giving a better review of a student’s performance.


Below I have answered some of the most popular FAQs that people ask me.

What is Kahoot used for?

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform that gives teachers an opportunity to take online tests and quizzes. You can also use it for learning using the content library.

Can my students play Kahoot at home?

Yes, with the latest Kahoot update, it can now be accessed from home as well.

What is the Kahoot pin?

Every session in Kahoot has a pin that a student can use to join a specific session in the game.

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