How To Create An Account On Kahoot

When you want to join Kahoot for learning purposes, you are going to need an online account. You can either create a guest account that allows you to join temporarily for taking a test or create a permanent online account for the app.

In this article, we will be covering a step-by-step guide to creating an account on Kahoot with the help of self-explanatory screenshots. So without any further delay, let us continue our detailed guide on creating a Kahoot account.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating An Account On Kahoot

Creating an account on Kahoot is absolutely free. All you will need to do is to enter their website or app and the registration section should be right in front. Let us take you through the complete process one-by-one.

Use any search engine to search for ‘Kahoot’ and gain access to the official website. The following image tells you what to do.

Once you are on the Kahoot website, click the following ‘sign up’ button.

After hitting the ‘sign up’ button, you will need to choose whether you are joining Kahoot as a teacher, student, socially, or at work.

After choosing your designation, you will be asked whether you want to create a Kahoot account with Google, Microsoft, or your personal email.

Signing up with Google and Microsoft will needs you to enter your respective credentials. However, we prefer creating a separate account with the email and this is what we are proceeding with.

You will then enter a form for creating the Kahoot account where you will need to enter the required credentials as followed:

After adding the required personal information, agree to the terms and conditions and click the ‘Join Kahoot’ button.

After doing the joining process, simply enter your name in this new tab to continue with Kahoot.

You have now successfully created a Kahoot account. If you need to use Kahoot just once just to take a quiz your teacher has planned, you can also join Kahoot as a guest.

Joining Kahoot as a Guest:

To join Kahoot as a guest, you only need to do a couple of things. Get the ‘Game Pin’ from your teacher or person who is asking you to join a specific Kahoot session and click the following button on the official website.

After clicking the button, a new page will prompt asking you to enter the game pin.

Enter the game pin and click ‘Enter’ to join Kahoot as a guest and take the quiz.


So this was a complete step-by-step guide on creating a free Kahoot account. We hope that this tutorial was helpful to you. For more interesting content related to Kahoot, keep visiting our website.


A lot of users ask questions related to Kahoot and below I have answered all of the important questions.

  1. Is Kahoot account free?

    Yes, creating an account on Kahoot is absolutely free. All you need to do is to sign up for getting your free account as mentioned in our guide.

  2. How do you get a Kahoot pin?

    The person creating a quiz in Kahoot such as your teacher will provide you the Kahoot pin.

  3. Can you play Kahoot by yourself?

    Kahoot is a learning game that is meant to be played in groups. However, you can play it alone as well by download the app version of Kahoot for Android and iOS.

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