How to Use Kahoot Bot to Send Bots on Kahoot Quiz

Kahoot is no doubt one of the best learning programs out there but the students are always naughty that’s why they want to tease their teachers and want to send bot users in the quiz being played in the classroom.

Today, in this guide I am going to tell you to step by step procedure to use the Kahoot Bot tool so that you can smash any Kahoot quiz you want easily.

But first thing first,

What is Kahoot Bot?

Kahoot Bot is a tool developed by and using this Kahoot bot flooder the students/users can send unlimited spam bots to any Quiz and ultimately the teacher will have to either cancel the quiz or take it again.

How to Use Kahoot Bot?

Well, at this point a lot of students get disappointed because they either don’t know how to use our Kahoot bot spam tool and they end of wasting their time and resources.

But this guide is especially for those students who don’t get success in spamming the Kahoot game using the Game PIN provided the teachers.

Steps to use Kahoot Bot Spam

  1. First of all, get the game Pin of the quiz you want to send bots. The game pin is usually provided by the teachers.
  2. Now open the Kahoot Bot 2021 from our site and wait for a few seconds until the page loads successfully.
  3. There you will see different fields such as Game PIN, Bot Name, and Number of Bots.
  4. Fill the spammer with the details asked there and hit the Spam it button.
  5. You will be redirected to another page where you will see it processing. Wait for a few seconds and the procedure will be done and you will see live bots on the game.

So, this is now you can use our free Kahoot bot which can flood any quiz in seconds.

Important FAQs

Kahoot Bot fails again and again.

At sometimes, our tool may fail due to a number of reason, as most of the time Kahoot detects our IPs and blocks them so we have to change servers while at other times we have a lot of loads that’s why we can’t fulfill your request.

Can I use Kahoot Bot at Class?

Yes, our all tools are web-based which means you can use them on any device at any time all you need to have is an active internet connection and you are good to go.

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