Invisible Kahoot Names | Download & Installation Guide

The students don’t quite like to be recognized in their Kahoot sessions so that they can have fun and get away without getting caught. That’s why instead of using their real names, they tend to choose fun Kahoot names on their profiles. However, what if there was no name at all and you could have Invisible Kahoot Names for your profile? Well, it is certainly possible so let us elaborate on that.

Invisible Kahoot Name is a browser extension available on the Google Chrome store that allows you to show your name on Kahoot as ‘invisible’. In this way, you can have all the enjoyment on the app while staying anonymous. So let us move ahead and bring this guide on Invisible Kahoot Names where we discuss its features, how to use the extension, and how you can change your name in Kahoot.

Why should you use Invisible Kahoot Names?

Whether you keep using Kahoot bots, answers hack or changing names in Kahoot, it is all about having fun. However, while you are doing it and some teachers might enjoy it, the others might not so keep anonymity while using Kahoot can be important for students. For this, these developers have built an amazing chrome extension that shows your name as invisible in Kahoot.

On the other hand, teens usually like the idea of having ‘Invisible’ as their username as they do for their social media accounts. Also, while changing your name, you would like to choose the coolest one so that might become a matter of competition among your friends. That is another reason you would want to get a new idea and change your name in the Kahoot app.

So instead of wasting your time with those Kahoot bots and hacks which usually do not work anyway, you can opt for rather creative methods of Kahoot experience. For example, you can have a simple competition among friends about coming up with creative ways of enjoying the app and then choosing the winner to show the champion some appreciation.

Features of Invisible Kahoot Name:

The following are the main features of the Invisible Kahoot Name extension for chrome:

  • The Invisible Kahoot Name extension is free to download for everyone.
  • The extension will completely hide your name making you invisible in Kahoot.
  • You can add it on your desktop chrome browser with one-click installation.
  • This extension was created to show your user name as invisible!
  • To use the app, simply install the extension on your browser and use it.

How to change Kahoot Name?

Well, let us now move ahead and help you bring a quick guide on changing Kahoot name:

  • You will need to open Kahoot app directly on your phone.
  • Go to the navigation menu and tap the profile picture’.
  • This will also open the ‘name’ option; tap to open.
  • Now write the new name you want to add and save.
  • You are done!

So this was everything about Invisible Kahoot Names, why you should use them, and how to change them in the Kahoot app. Give us your feedback, leave your queries, and keep visiting the site for more interesting Kahoot tricks!

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