Kahoot Flooder – Flood Any Kahoot Quiz With Spam Bots

After filling the above details tap on Spam button to start the procedure.

A lot of students are always interested in flooding the Kahoot game with thousands of the Spam bots and always wish could there be a Kahoot Flooder which they could use to flood any game just like Kahoot Hack.

If you are one of those students who want a good and free tool for flooding Kahoot then you are at right website because here I am going to share one of the best Kahoot flooding spam bot tool that is unblocked and you can easily use it for flooding as much Kahoot Quizzes as you want.

In term of the stability I can guarantee you that my Kahoot Flooder is the best out there for any purposes because I have developed a special program that can be used to link with multiple servers and computer and then later we can join a lot of Kahoot Quiz with that server using unique user IDs and can ultimately spam that game by sending a flood of the fake users.

And a lot of the users are also interested in knowing that how our Kahoot Flooding tools works and all such other things about our this tool. If you are also interested in knowing all these things then become happy because I am going to explain all these facts about it just below;

What is Kahoot Flooder?

As we talked earlier that there are some naughty students who are always interested in spamming the Kahoot Quiz being played by sending some spam bots and Kahoot Flooder is the same thing, it just sends a lot of robotic users to the quiz and floods the game with them.

At the end the host who is managing that quiz gives up and has to postpone the Quiz game for some later time. While using any such tool is never recommend because at the end of the day you are teasing your teacher and losing your time and knowledge.

How Does Kahoot Flooding Work?

The working principles of the our almost all the tools such as Kahoot Smasher and other tools are same. The user who want to flood the game has to provide us with the Game PIN of the Kahoot Quiz and we start our process. 

Once you give us the game PIN that PIN is sent to our robotic algorithm which joins the game with a few bots if it gets success then further bots are sent to the game and at the end you see a lot of users that are not joined by the official student in fact these are bots for flooding the game.

If you didn't got it then I would like to tell you that we just join the game that you want to flood with a lot of robotic users who are artificially intelligent and can answer the quizzes being asked in the game.

For more explanation consider using our tool once.

Kahoot Flooder Using Guide

I don't think that there would be even a single person who can say how to use our tools. They are quite simple man, you can see all the important field up there where you need to provide your Kahoot Game PINs and start the process by pressing the Flood it button.

However, there are a lot of users who want to know how this works and how they can keep using it safely.

Well, for flooding any Kahoot game the first thing that you need to know is the Game PIN of the quiz that you want to flood. So, when your teacher will provide you with that just open out this page and enter the GAME PIN at the top field of the tool, then enter the bot name and finally the number of the bots that you want to send to your game, you can choose between 0 to 1000.

Once all the stuff is done press the big grey button that says Flood It! and boom, you will be redirected to a new page where our systems will check the whole procedure. After that you will see the live process of flooding.

Is it Safe To Use Such tools?

Well, to be honest, I would never recommend any student to use any such tool that may spoil your day and cause you to suspend from the school.

We have seen a lot of students who were fired from the school or had to pay fines for flooding the Kahoot being played in the classrooms.

So, it is not a good idea to use any Kahoot Flooder in the classes. But if you want to test it out then create your personal game and try it with your friends, believe me you will enjoy using it with friends.


Kahoot Flooder is a new tool in the collection of our premium tools that are used to spam the Kahoot game such as Kahoot Ninja and Kahoot Bot etc. and I am pretty much sure all the users will surely enjoy it.

While on the other hand, I also request to all the students to not use any such tools or means for bad purposes these things are for research purpose and you should enjoy using it.

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