Kahoot Game PINs – A Huge List of Kahoot PINs (Reality)

Game PIN of the Kahoot is the most interesting thing for Kahooters as it works like a pass code for Kahooters to join any Quiz.

Those who were searching for a list of Kahoot Game PINs can now finally end up their search.

Because I am gonna reveal the truth about the Kahoot Game PINs that I came to know after great efforts.

All the efforts were made for you mates, so, that you people can play the Kahoot at your desired time with your friends & can take test of each others.

Wait here is a twist…

Before you move on I had liked to share some more details about the topic under discussion. The purpose is, there are a bunch of new readers & users. And with these details they will be able to know more about KAHOOT!.

Let’s Begin…

What is Kahoot Game PIN?

It is such a nice questions, as it defines the basic working principle of the Kahoot, well, those who even don’t know about basic idea and working of Kahoot can read our article on What is Kahoot & How it Works?

When any Kahoot host (may be your teacher or any other person who creates Kahoot) creates a new Kahoot Quiz gets a unique Game PIN for that Quiz, that PIN is the identity of that specific Quiz.

Now for inviting the students the host shares that unique PIN with his students, and then students can open the Kahoot joining page either using the application or on the web and enter that Game PIN and boom.

In this way, a Game PIN plays an important role in the life of Kahooters :P.

Truth of Kahoot Game PINs


The truth may be bitter, but you have to face it.

As you guys know Kahoot PINs is one of the most searched thing on the Google while it also have a good CPC rate so some bad bloggers have made some fake lists which they claim are working.

But the reality is everytime you want someone to join your Quiz you get a random Game PIN.

Let me explain, you have created a Kahoot Quiz 1 year ago and had taken test of your students by sharing its Game PIN.

But now you want to take the same test from other students, but now you cannot share the same PIN with your students as you’d one year ago.

You need to login to your account select that quiz and get a new game PIN to share.

List of Kahoot Game PINs

Again, mates there is nothing like a List of Kahoot Game PINs it is just a damn story. If you have search the Google for this terms then you will not find any fruitful results because something like Kahoot PINs don’t exist in the internet.


I believe I have revealed the truth behind the bloody Kahoot Game PINs and now you understand it doesn’t mean anything, it is just a story nothing more then it. So, keep calm and use Kahoot honestly.

Happy Kahooting 

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