Kahoot Killer – Now Kill Any Kahoot Instantly Using Free Bots

After filling the above details tap on Spam button to start the procedure.

Being a school student, you must have seen long associated with this game-based learning platform called Kahoot. If that is the case, you must also be familiar with the hacks and as far as those are concerned, Kahoot Killer is among the most demanded these days.

If you haven’t heard of it then it is time that you get yourself recognized. We have recently developed this hack to help you in flooding the session of Kahoot with many fake bots. You could use it for flooding a lot of bots into any session of the game.

If you have been a Kahoot user at school for quite a long time, you know how this platform works. Your teachers will create a session, they would provide you the pin to join it and then design a lot of questions to test you or teach you in a fun way.

However, using different tools such as Kahoot Killer and Kahoot Spam tool, you can flood these sessions with many fake players or bots which might bother the teachers but could also bring some great fun for you.

What is Kahoot Killer?

We have already told you how you can flood a session of Kahoot with many bots or fake players. However, when you are going to search for a tool, most of them are going to disappoint you with their performance but not our Kahoot Killer.

We have specially developed this Kahoot hack tool with the best of settings so it might absolutely work for you. In a guide ahead, we shall also teach you how to use Kahoot killer but right now, our main focus is to introduce you to the tool.

How does our Kahoot Killer spam tool works?

Like many other Kahoot tools which you are going to find online, this one requires you to enter a couple of things to get it done. The first thing is the game pin which you are going to be provided by the teacher.

The things are the number of bots and name of those bots. The names is an extra feature which we have added because naming these bots makes the process look natural. The other tools do not name the bots and thus their users get caught easily.

Just so the school’s security system can’t detect it, the tool makes use of various internet protocol address and connections. Each bot you are going to flood will be shown as a separate user from a different place and thus it will keep the suspicion away.

How to use our Kahoot Killer tool?

Even though it should be very easy for people who have at some point interacted with any tool of this sort. But since many people are new to this, we are now going to teach you how to use Kahoot killer with a free step-by-step guide. Here it how it happens:

For getting access to the tool, you will need to enter the homepage of our website. Once you have found the tool, you can move ahead. People also search for Kahoot Killer APK and Kahoot Killer iOS to use the app version so you can do that as well.

For the both app and website version, the method of use is the same so you don’t need to worry about that at least.

Listed below are the sections asking for the following information:

  • Game Pin
  • No. of Bots
  • Name of Bot
  • Spam It

You will be entering the game pin which your teacher provides when he starts the Kahoot session. Just copy the pin and paste it over there in the box.

Once you have added the pin, add the number of bots you want to flood in the current game session. Make it look natural because otherwise, your teacher might event end the game.

The third section asks you to name the bots. This is important because when bots have different names of your class fellows and others, it only looks natural.

Once you have added all of this information, just click ‘Spam it’ button and the bots will come pouring into the game session.

Is it safe to use our Kahoot Killer tool?

Yes, Kahoot Killer is an absolutely safe tool which unblocks Kahoot killer security in the schools as well. However, don’t use it very often so that you don’t get caught and rusticated.

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