Kahoot Ninja – Hack & Spam Kahoot Using Ninja ?

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Hey Kahooters!

Whats up?

Welcome back. Today in this article you will learn about the reality of the Kahoot Ninja.

Kahooters, you know that each and every tool that pop out in the market for hacking and spamming Kahoot gets a lot of exposure and people start using it blindly.

That’s the reason the tools like the Kahoot Ninja got popular in very short time.

But after some time, there is always one thing wrong with these tools.

They don’t work 

Yeh, you read it 100 percent right.

Mostly tools that are available in the market are not working for spamming the game.

That’s the bitter truth and it’s final.

Why Tools like Kahoot Ninja Don’t Work Anymore?

Kahooters, you know that, Kahoot is getting smarter and smarter. And it’s their business, if you will try to poke then it’s obvious they will try their best to kick your ass.

And that’s what Kahoot is doing at the time. The teachers were very angry with this Spam thing, and they should be.

They complained the company and even warned them to stop such users (who spam the game while they are in classes.) otherwise they have to join some other application.

So, it’s simple, Kahoot took action on Kahoot Ninja and blocked all the IPs of them.

Resulting, the shutting down of the Kahoot Ninja. 

It means, you will never see such shit services anymore who can spam the game in classes.

But wait, wait, and wait…

The How to Spam/Hack Kahoot ?

Kahooters, All the Spammers/Hackers that are available in the market or for spamming Kahoot.

And it will never end.

Because the algorithm used by Kahoot is based on such functions that cannot be removed.

That’s why, there are a lot of developer’s who are always interested in developing some such tools for the children to hack Kahoot.

We have personally created a very simple to use tool for Spamming Kahoot and you can access it here.

But always keep in mind, we don’t have any intention to tease your teacher. Above mentioned tool is just for the sake of education.


Kahooter, for today its enough.

I’ll see you in another post.

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