Kahoot Smasher – Now Smash Any Kahoot Game in Seconds

Want to smash any Kahoot Quiz? Use our Kahoot SMASHER tool and smash any game just by its game PIN in seconds and tease your teacher.

After filling the above details tap on Spam button to start the procedure.

Hey Kahooters,

Welcome back, today I have come up with another great tool in our tools list know as Kahoot Smasher.

And we have added this tool due to the request of our users because they were waiting for some new tools that they can use to crash the game in seconds.

While our Kahoot smasher unblocked is the best smasher out there.

But a lot of users are new and don't know about it so let me explain things in full detail.

Kahoot Smasher is an online tool/website which is used to crash the Kahoot game by sending a lot of spam bots to any game using the game pins in this way students prank their teachers by spamming Kahoot game.

What is Kahoot Smasher

We have created a number of tools like Kahoot Ninja, Kahoot Hacker and a few others which Kahooters can use to for free of cost and Kahoot Smasher unlocked is one of those tools.

How Do Kahoot Smasher Smashes the Game?

The working algorithm of the Kahoot Smasher extension is almost same as of Kahoot Bot tool. 

In fact, it was made just by getting inspired by the working of the Kahoot bots.

Because the algorithm of the previous tool was very good and our users were loving it.

Let's discuss about the working principle of our tool.

Well Smasher is based on different servers which are connect with each other through a program when any user comes on our website and enter the game PIN which his teacher provides him. It joins that game using all the servers from different IPs.

While our advance artificial intelligent system starts answering the questions that are asked in any particular game. Till now our Kahoot Smasher Beta is being prepared and it will be fully developed once we complete the testing.

How to Use Kahoot Smasher Online?

The Kahoot Smasher downloadable version is also available which you can download both for the Android and iOS users. But we do offer an online version of the same tool which is available on this page.

And all the users out there can avail the online version of the smasher for free.

Using our smasher is quite simple, easy and self explanatory.

All you need to do is to enter the Game PIN at the top of this page in the respective field, enter the number of bots you want to send and then finally choose a bot name and hit the smash button.

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