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Trolling is one of the things that people love doing online and Kahoot is no exception. The trolling scene gets even bigger on a platform like Kahoot since students are interacting all the time and they love creating these situations. In this context, the demand for Kahoot Troll Names stays higher than ever and that’s what we shall be elaborating on today.

In this article, we are going to bring Kahoot Troll Names that are fun and hilarious to use. Also, we will be mentioning different reasons behind using these names and how you can change them in your Kahoot. We hope that post will help clear out your concepts about this so let us begin.

Why should you use Kahoot Troll Names?

Kahoot is not just about solving quizzes and giving tests but rather about having fun while being educated. This leaves the room for plenty of fun stuff such as flooding a Kahoot session with bots, using answer hacks, and using funny Kahoot names to keep it alive and going. However, much of the stuff such as hacks is pretty unethical, you would want to stick to the good side.

For that, you could use fun options like Kahoot Troll Names on your profile and share a laugh with your friends. This activity keeps you anonymous while keeping you the most hilarious guy in the class. Also, this doesn’t go bad with teachers and students alike since both seem to enjoy it. So instead of spoiling the experience with all those hacks, you can do this.

However, thinking of cool Kahoot names is not as simple as you might think. There might be names that you think are good and people have already taken them. Now we have got to move ahead and bring you our list with unique and best Kahoot troll names.

List of Kahoot Troll Names:

The following is our name of the best Kahoot Troll Names that you can get and enjoy:

  • BigFoot
  • Babysaurus
  • Yeti
  • Me Alien
  • Chungus the fungus
  • Area51 raid
  • Kermit Kermicide
  • Go Corona
  • Married Man
  • Loud Mouth
  • Cheeky Monkey
  • Couch Potato
  • Comedy Central
  • Third Wheeler
  • Deja View
  • UnderTaker
  • Walking Dictionary
  • WhoKeelHannah
  • DumTeacher
  • Don’t fall in love
  • Peeky blinders
  • Sneak attack
  • LoversGoAway
  • BunkTheClass
  • I’m Positive
  • 2020isLove
  • Ihateu2020
  • FutureStar
  • BillionDollarSoon
  • Bill Windows
  • UrEx
  • Malwart
  • DcMonald’s
  • Clery Hinton
  • Orack Bomama
  • Neel Down Jr.
  • Kuss Wards
  • KryBaby
  • Boomer
  • Captain Africa
  • ReadItBackwards
  • Ulose Sir
  • DeadWalk
  • ZombieKing
  • The last to join
  • Thanks for Waiting for me

You must have enjoyed reading these Kahoot Troll Names from our site. Let’s get to the final step and bring a quick guide on how to change names in Kahoot.

How to change names in Kahoot?

Assuming that you are using the Kahoot app on Android or iOS, here is how you can change your name in it:

  • You can either open the Kahoot app or visit the website in a browser.
  • Now, from the navigation menu on the top-left, tap the profile picture.
  • This will also have a name change setting so tap and it and type the name.

So changing the name in the Kahoot app is as easy as those three steps. Keep visiting our site for more interesting Kahoot stuff.

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