Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy Page Defines How/Why We Collect Personal Data From User & How Is That Used Or Saved.

How/Why We Collect Personal Data Of Users?

There are certain places on our site that ask you to submit your personal data. For example, we may ask you to provide your email address or your phone number.

These details are required by us for processing your request at Kahoot Hack.

Do We Sell Your Data?

No, we never sell the personal data of the user, however, the data collected by the third party sites that we link or embed or whose ads we display on our site may sell your personal data. We are responsible for our own data collection any data that you submit to other sites like Google AdSense is not under the controls of

How We Protect Your Data?

Data protection is an important part of our Privacy Policy because the personal data of the users value a lot. We use certain measures to keep the personal information of the users secure and protected. We regularly check or databases for malware and viruses. We take backup of the data collected by the users at Kahoot Spammer.

Your Acceptance Of This Policy

At Kahoot Hacker we try our best to protect the user data but in case any data threat happens and your data leaks we will not be held responsible and this is our privacy policy. If you want to use our site then you have to accept it.