Your User ID

If you are here on this page to get your user ID for using any of the tools provided by the Kahooters then you can find it at the end of this page.

What is A User ID?

A User ID is a specific ID that we assign to our users when they are interested in using any of our tools such as Kahoot Hack or Kahoot Spam.

Why We Use User ID

For every user, we assign a unique user ID which helps us to figure out how many users have used our tool.

Moreover, the user ID also helps us to stops bots from accessing our tool without our permission and helps to stop the misuse of the tool.

How Can You get your ID

You just need to come on this page and then you will see a unique number and that is your user ID.

Your User ID is: 55,165

How to Use your ID

To use your user ID you need to copy the above-given ID and paste it into the respective field on the tool which you are using.